the blue path and the ticker-tape welcome (for sale)

81 cm x 60 cm

Alkyd paint and acrylic on pieces of soap mounted on canvas!

I had this idea of using pieces of used soap and collected many of them over the years. So one day I mounted the pieces on a beautiful white canvas and ... it didn't work out. So I painted them over. And it didn't work out either. In the end, I did not destroy the work but put it away in my studio for many years. I forgot about the painting till it was Corona time and it wasn't possible to find any second-hand canvases in the streets due to a lockdown. That's why I used it again and thought the all the soap layer gave it the right look when I put a sort of new blue path on it. So I did. The new blue path with alkyd paint was welcomed by a ticker-tape of white acrylic. And I am very delighted with the outcome. Thank you.

Believe it or not, but this artwork is painted on many layers of pieces of soap, that's why it got a strong 3D appearance when you see and feel it live.