the blue and the red and the white and the rest

22,5 x 27 cm

This one also is made in the overload of Covid-19 outbreaks. I found myself prisoned in my studio feeling safe and happy but also sad. Didn't know where the sadness came from, maybe because the world was in danger and everything was changing. The social distancing, the masks, everything closed, an invisible enemy. So I was making smaller works, I couldn't buy new material in March when the outbreak was there. So I used only what was left in my studio. And made a series of fragments, all sorts of fragments, forms that reminded me of things that happened in my life. A friend of mine said I was busy with my mortality. Could be. The older you get the more you think of life's getting shorter. Anyway, fragments. 

Alkyd oil paint and acrylic paint and crayon on paper. Inspired by the bizarre time we are all facing I have these visions of all sorts of fragments in my life, mostly light and white but sometimes in blue and red or other non-existing colours...