# 8 untitled

15.75" x 15.75" (40 cm x 40 cm) without frame

This artwork (# 8 untitled part of 'hidden desires' series) is made on used canvases from unknown artists who threw away their artwork in garbage cans or brought their failed artwork to junk stores. What arises behind my easel is a dialogue with the work of an unknown fellow sufferer. A dialogue between the past and the present, the known and the unknown. I’m recreating and reshaping the old canvases in a new order, giving the old life a new life by painting my scripted desires with oil stick and crayon on those canvases and hide them with layers of acrylic paint, gesso and oil paint. Messages that are only meant for the canvases themselves.

The art pieces are all mounted in a way that they’re floating, that’s why they all have their own shadow. They don’t scream for attention, they don’t try to overwhelm with emotion. They’re just there. The artwork provides minimal attention.

# 8 untitled (floating canvases)