No fear for the outside world

Richard Tuttle. "3rd Rope Piece," 1974. Collection Dorothy and Herbert Vogel. Cotton and nails.

I very much admire the American artist Richard Tuttle who couldn't care less what the outside world values, or at least, it looks that way, if you take a look at his 'out-standing' and highly original work. It seems to be his intrinsic motivation that drives him to create for himself. Tuttle isn't busy with the appreciation of the outside world. It took me years to overcome that fear. In the beginning I was so externally influenced, I listened to every sort of criticism and those works were made out of compromises. Fear for the outside world almost killed my pleasure and enthusiasm in making art. My discoveries in the art world made it clear that I had to follow my own path. Making works that gave me satisfaction, enjoyment, focus. I've learned a lot from people like Richard Tuttle, Joe Bradley and many many others , but most of all, to stay away of what remarks people have, not fearing the world outside your studio, but loving the world inside and continue your own motivation.  'An accounting of the visible world and the invisible world',  is one definition of art offered by Richard Tuttle.