How a failed idea became a successful idea

The owner of the work showing the wrapped paper with failed ideas in handwriting mounted on canvas

A work of art never arises directly on canvas. I'll always start sitting down behind my desk writing or drawing just from scratch, but mostly I’ll begin to write down an idea. It takes tons of paper but I need to get the right idea before starting to create. It actually is the first step of creating. And a big struggle. Because most of the ideas aren't any good and I decline them by throwing all those ideas on paper in the direction of the litter basket. Sometimes it just doesn't work. I’m not able to explain a good or a bad idea, it seems to me a good idea is an idea that I’m in to, that’s all. But I want to tell you about one particular day. It was one of those days that I was totally unhappy with any of my ideas and threw the balls of paper uncriticly at the litter basket. Most of my failed ideas didn’t reach the basket and were more or less united, assembled around the litter basket. And all of a sudden, that view of all those balls of paper, that view looked like a sort of Zen garden. I don’t know why but the scene filled me with joy. All those failed ideas succeeded into a great idea: an anaware constructed creation consisting out of inscribed paper balls. I mounted them on canvas and started to make the Failed Ideas series. And believe me, I’m gonna make many of them, and all different. Failed Ideas enough! Good ideas won’t make it to the litter basket anymore.

'It seems to me that a good idea is an idea that I'm into'