Atolty got the alias from his father who used it in his love letters. Atolty is the acronym for Across The Oceans Love To You
ARTIST STATEMENT ATOLTY “My recent work is made on discarded, maimed, cracked, affected, damaged, ruined, battered or torn canvases from unknown artists. Very useful for me cause I wanted to recreate them, give them a new life. What arises behind my easel is a dialogue with the work of an unknown deceased fellow sufferer. A dialogue between the past and the present, the known and the unknown. I’m recreating and reshaping the old canvases in a new order, giving the old life a new life by painting my scripted desires with oil stick and crayon on those canvases and hide them with layers of acrylic paint. Hidden messages that are only meant for the canvases themselves.” BIOGRAPHY ATOLTY “Atolty is a pseudonym. My real name is Rupert van Woerkom, former copywriter, magazine maker, creative director, and writer of countless scripts for television (Sesame Street), radio and two theatrical plays. The name Atolty is a tribute to my father who sent my mother cards with an endearing note and always signed it ‘Atolty’. It was an acronym for ‘Across The Oceans Love To You’ . I was raised in Curacao, one of the Netherlands’ Antilles in the Caribbean. During my formative years I took drawing and painting lessons, but couldn’t go to art school for the simple reason there wasn’t one on the island. Back in Holland I went to university, to study Art History and literature. But after a few years I dropped out of university, to follow that long career in writing, culminating in the art of magazine making. In recognition of national and international successes in making magazines I was even bestowed with the Mercur d’Or, the ultimate prize for outstanding creative work in the publishing world. During my long media career I never stopped creating art, and created works with a genuine focus on conceptual and abstract art. In paintings ranging from conceptual to loosely abstract, Ihave relied on a range of references and objects from my memories, emotions and travels in the Caribbean, the surrounding world, and even the medium of painting itself to create richly layered mixed-media compositions, using old canvases and found objects. I stress that my artpieces “don’t scream for attention, they don’t try to overwhelm with emotion. They’re just there. My artwork provides minimal attention”.